SP and I are busy preparing for the Thanksgiving feast, turkeyless, but with plenty of good stuff in store. The white wines are chilling, the red wines are standing up, and Mom is wandering around asking, “Where’s the Publix roast chicken???” The TV is cued up for football. Real football, not that metric shit, and definitely not the Little League shit. If the rain pauses, I may go for a nice hike, so forgive me for abandoning the comments after a decent interval.

Just because it’s Thanksgiving doesn’t mean we skip birthdays, because today is the birth anniversary of a sadly neglected artist; half of a truly evil duo; a sadly neglected horn player; someone who liked rice a bit too much; a guy who shows up disproportionately in movies I love; and the absolute best producer ever. And now some news.


You realize this describes about 60% of this state?


They all want cake. 


This is gratitude for ya.


This not exactly how capitalism is supposed to work.


I have an alibi.


We are being afflicted. It will not get better running up to the next election.


And in non-local news, Warren shows solidarity with her ancestors.




Christ, what an asshole.


Old Guy Music today is from a guy I never saw live, dammit, Clifford Brown, and featuring one of today’s birthday honorees, Gigi Gryce. It absolutely swings.