Baby, it continues to be cold outside!  OK, for some of you more fortunate glibs, it continues to be pleasant—maybe even tropical.  I, myself, have taken a couple of holiday days off, in order to attempt some follow-up/closure on my previous spleen issue.  Might as well get some other things done, while everyone else is working.  Eh, I’ll probably just watch some TV and have a few White Claws.  In that same spirit, here’s the weekender ephemera:

This starts off so promising, but things have to go and get violent.  And, a bit sexy.

Is it OK to hate everyone in this story?  Ugh…I can’t even any more!

Well, it IS Hollywood, after all.  (Insert movie industry jokes at your leisure.)  There seems to be some hand-wringing regarding this guy not still being locked up.  I’m not really sure what they are expecting.  Me?  I figure she should have been allowed to be armed.  Might very well take care of any ‘revolving door’ angst. Please note that I sympathize with the lady, and get the concern about violent mental illness.

Why do they call her ‘Joy’?  Is it to be ironical?  With her, maybe we should call it ‘Skanksgiving’.  And, by the way, Mr. Berkowitz (yeah, I went there)—there’s nothing “sort of” about you.

Feces II:  Feces Harder.  Denver sees LA and says, “I’ll see your homeless problem, and raise you a citation on a productive member of society!”  What is it with these bums?  Don’t they know they can just go to Starbucks for this?  Yes, I did consider an Electric Boogaloo reference, Mr. Falcon.

Do you just hate you some Jews?  Well, have I got the perfect city for you!  Seriously, kids—WTF?  Familiarity breeds contempt?  Did they take yer jerbs?  Look, Al Sharpton isn’t gonna bang you, so stop being a tryhard.  OK, maybe just a handy…

Whoosh!  It’s an oldie, but a …oldie.  I have always had a good laugh over this story.  In fact, you should look into what happened to the guy.

Sorry, my loyal (and not-so-loyal) glib friends, but I am running out of time for completing the post. Life intrudes on what should be my TG holiday time off. Feel free in jump in with your own closing music. I will, hopefully, be able to continue next week, but family care is pressing. Do me proud, and glib it up tonight.