Got sick.  Got better.  Got crackin’ on a new post.  Unfortunately for me, this timeline happened during the earlier part of the week, leaving me much less time to serve up my gold silver bronze-level goodness.  So, I will probably have you enact some of my labor, and entertain me.  The pay may be less than what you’re used to, but, the benes are pretty damned cool, in my book.  Alright, enough with the small talk:


To start:  Something groovy.  What—you were expecting something else?  (Yes, I know…I know)

You know what—you lot link up some music for the rest of us.  Yeah, yeah; I know you usually do, anyway.  Consider this an official request from ya boy Diggy.

News you can read.  One word:  Venom.  When you find it, you can join me in a case of unending, full-body tremors.

That’s some good work, boys.  Too bad the suspect wasn’t a soldier instead; I think the guy woulda had a great 3A case.

Well, get a load of liberty-minded Jazz!  If you would only turn that kind of self-scrutiny on to your copsucking…  I’m only bringing this up because it’s interesting to watch someone who’s made his scratch writing about the limitless virtues of America’s Boys in Blue, now dissecting his thought process in favor of the government NOT having a say I peoples’ lives.  Little steps.

An ode to Q:  1930’s Edition.  Yeah, yeah—you’ll be in your bunk.

Something of a follow-up on the local transgender/custody hearing in Dallas.  Even I have trouble believing I’m linking to NYT, but, some perspective from “the other side”, especially in a case that wasn’t making much sense.  Note the mention of the 10 cases at the bottom of the article…your thoughts on those?

Holidays—what are your plans for the upcoming slack days?  Working, you say?  Getting lumps of shit coal for gifts?  Eating tofurkey?  That’s the Chrismahanukwanzakah* spirit! (*Sorry, no Festivus-types allowed)


You made it to the end, much like we made it to the end of October.  In fact, I’d say it’s exactly the same way—time passed, we’re still alive, and, we maybe got a few laughs out of it.  If gift-giving is in your future, you might want to get started on those purchases (I wear XM 2X-Tall).  Maybe pick up a chocolate turkey for the kids…however you do the holidays in your home.  We’ll do it again next week—Lord willin’, and the creek don’t rise.