Baby, it’s cold outside!  It’s also Standard Daylight time, now, but, fat lot of good that does us on the night shift.  The year is winding down, and, that means food, fun, and family.  Or, it could mean liquor, loneliness, and…lemurs?  Leather fiends?  Laser-brains?  Alright; so much for Diggy’s alliteration attempts.  The point is, we gotta start prepping for the season (hint:  I wear a 2X Tall in condoms shirts/jackets, and I prefer Samsung products). On with the stuff I do:


For everyone who identifies with the F’s.  Strangely, not a euphemism.

In crappy bar food news…  I have no idea if this is bullshit, or, not.  It could go either way, in my book.  Of course, the most important part of the story is the lone customer who gets what I like to call the “Crusty Juggler” treatment.

Anyone have any “before the end of the year” issues to deal with?  I think I’ll have a visit to the optometrist’s office, as well as some full-scale blood testing, because 50 is quickly approaching.  My query, though, isn’t only about healthcare; major purchases?  Travel?  Any of the assorted pieces of crap life has in store for you.

I guess CVS stands for “Can’t Verify Status”?  Again, I have no idea if this is bullshit, or, not.  Seems like something happened.  Of course, the mom sounds like a real treat; maybe Winston’s Mom could give her some pointers.

When a bakery kicks you university’s ass, and the school kinda doubles down, maybe it’s time to find another school.  Hey, Oberlin:  try not being such shit-heels, and maybe kick the thieves out.

I believe someone here was saying earlier that Chick-Fil-A > Popeye’s….  I guess the Fight for 15 is really about collecting hazard pay.  It’s just fried chicken, you dumb shits—there’s plenty to be found all over the place!

This is totally believable—everyone knows those Pacific Islanders are all a bunch of slimy, no good, double-crossin’ swindlers.

An ode to Pie, my fellow nighttime travelers, and fans of the band.  Bite me– it still fits the theme.


I suppose we’ve got enough weird sh..stuff to keep us chatting through the night.  If you have topics of your own you want to air out, be my guest.  As the night theme for music is probably vast, but, my knowledge is limited, I will probably ditch that angle once we hit the new year.  I don’t want to neglect good music just to try to fit a limited narrative.  You have all been warned…