Today was awesome for me. All my direct reports and managers were busy doing other things, so I wrote a little program to help me get around the absolutely wretched MS Flows Power Automate interface. Best described as: Everything is drag-and-drop (as long as you are doing simple things)! If you want to do grown-up things (like only start a flow if a record changes to a certain status or use the fields in that changed record without doing another lookup), here’s a whole new syntax that isn’t quite the same as other syntaxes used in Azure. After I spent 4 hours figuring it out yesterday, I just decided to write a translator from something I already understand pretty well and can easily produce. I can still code! I have skillz!

I suspect this story is wildly overblown, but I am kind of hoping that permanent Federal supervisory class finds itself engaged in a bloody war of attrition with the political class that leaves both sides substantially weakened for a couple of decades.

Bill Gates demonstrates actual “fuck you” money, tells Warren and Dem establishment to pound sand over wealth tax.

Unfortunately for this Iowan, he was only mostly dead.

Who in the fuck is giving money to Sears? “from lenders that include billionaire owner Eddie Lampert” — oh, money laundering.