What a weird day. I know gray and overcast equals winter for more than half of our commentariat, but it feels like doomsday here. I haven’t seen the sun in 36 hours and I’m comfortable in pants. What is happening?! Also, speaking of weird, I was following up on a decent chunk of change left in my father-in-law’s prison canteen account when he passed. It won’t make us rich, but it will buy my mother-in-law a new iPhone for Christmas. I called a FLDOC number, the lady tried to transfer me to someone, he had gone to lunch so she transferred me to his voicemail… and here’s where it gets weird: Not only did he call me back, but he was able to provide me with clear, easy to follow instructions to get a check cut and mailed! Total bizarro world! For my next trick, I will try to get Ford to pay me for a repair I had done that was retro-actively warrantied.

Don Brett wants to know… how do you like your pork chops?

Impeachment Central:

I think if the Democrats have already lost the LA Times, this impeachment thing is not going to play well.

So an American administration can, without the consent of Congress, fly literal plane-loads of cash to Iran without it meeting the bribery threshold, but withholding promised military aid that had never been delivered is bribery? Can anyone even see the goalposts anymore?

Republicans Pounce! Threaten to hold a full impeachment trial, damn the campaign schedule


It’s a certain type of weather here in Florida.

SugarFree’s Dem Deathwatch: A New Hope 2, Part 3

Deval Patrick Makes A Late Entry Into The 2020 Presidential Race