Looks about right. O-H…

Yesterday was like a midweek sports overload.  The UCL matches (especially the craziness in the Chelski-Ajax match), a gazillion college basketball games (especially the Kansas-Duke game), the release of the first CFP rankings (with the committee largely getting things right at the top but with some head-scratchers further down). Feel free to discuss all of it as I begin to wrap my arms around basketball season getting underway.  Until I do, I’ll stick to relaying the NHL winners, which were: New York (Islanders), Philly, Las Vegas, Montreal, Toronto, New Jersey, Dallas, Calgary, St Louis, the MINNESOOOOODA WIIIIIIIIIILD, and San Jose. Detroit won in a way by not playing, although they’re up tonight and able to carry on their losing ways.

Thank you, Mr Sax. For making the 80s better.

The man who helped shape 80s rock solos Adolphe Sax was born on this day. As were march king John Philip Souza, Canadian person who did his best inventing in America James Naismith, baseball legend Walter Johnson, adorable actress Sally Field, musician Glenn Frey, and the lovely Emma Stone.

Good stuff, but time to move on to…the links!

That’s some good police work there, Lou. It’s what I expect of a government bureaucracy, to be honest. And I expect the accountability to be “minimal”.

Passed! Suck it, government!

Texas voters do what Texas voter do. I’m amazed that many on the left want to keep income taxes out of the state. Fortunately they can’t put a ballot measure out that says “Do you want to outlaw income taxes on everyone who makes the same and less as you while screwing over everyone that makes more than you do?”  Because I bet the results would have been different.

I fully expect the day to come soon where police unions demand an end to body cameras and any other surveillance of police officers in action. Because if there’s anything out there keeping cops in check more than body cameras and other CCTV setups, I don’t know what it is.


Awwww, she’s adorable.

Wait a minute, isn’t this CULTURAL APPROPRIATION?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  I hope she raised a lot of awareness for global warming. Maybe it’ll offset her huge carbon footprint.

As for her cause, the social justice runner may have to resort to other methods to help raise awareness for indigenous tribes. “No one recognized the Papua New Guinea flag on my head,” she says in a video uploaded to her Instagram after the race. “They kept saying ‘Pocahontas!’ and ‘Moana!’ and ‘Great costume!’ and not really focusing on the message.”

LOL, never mind.

I love good news.  I especially love good news for Texas.  This is not good news for Texas. Or Arizona. Or anywhere else those locusts are migrating to.

Virginia has officially turned blue for the first time in a generation. And Kentucky may have elected a Dem governor but Republicans for every other statewide office. Also, more than a third of the Virginia House of Delegates races were uncontested.  Now that’s some fine gerrymandering right there.

Yeah, we’re continuing the theme from earlier in the week.

I got the trailers moved with only a minor snag.  I had a brahma bull stalk me for a few minutes and had to hop a fence twice while getting one of them hooked up.  Jesus, those are some big fuckers. Today I drive to Dallas to ready a bunch of home medical care stuff for sale next week in what will hopefully be my last sale of the year. And its been a pretty good, and illuminating, year.  Go have a great day, friends.