“You mean we’re supposed to actually beat some decent teams? But we’re Bama!”

Poor Bama. They’re stuck at #5 behind Georgia and I’m hearing a lot of butthurt from their fans.  Nevermind the fact that they have no ranked wins and have a 1-2 record against teams with a winning record.  They should be down around #10. But whatever. If the system is fair this year, they won’t be able to sneak into the playoff. But the system probably isn’t.  LSU at #1 doesn’t bother me a bit. What’s irritating is that if OSU runs the table and is the 1 or 2 seed, they’re probably gonna have to go play in Arizona unless somehow a PAC12 team or Big 12 team sneaks in to play against them.  I don’t want to go al the way to Phoenix to watch a game. We were planning on doing Christmas in SC this year with my parents. I can’t do that drive and then the one to PHX. That will suck.

Sugar Free doesn’t think this was as funny as most of us do.

Kentucky lost to Evansville last night in basketball.  Evansville. At Rupp. LOL, that’s hilarious.Duke, Gonzaga and Auburn all took care of their lesser foes.  And on the ice, your winners were Florida, Montreal, NYR, Phoenix, Colorado, Vancouver, Detroit, LA and San Jose.

King Edward III was born on this day. So were author Robert Louis Stevenson, baseball legend Buck O’Neil, hockey legend Gilbert Perreault, rape (but not rape-rape) apologist Whoopi Goldberg, NFL bust Vinnie Testaverde, TV’s Jimmy Kimmel, and actor Gerard Butler.

I’ve got to be honest, that was hot garbage.  Now on to…the links!

I’m sorry, but I really don’t care.

Apparently the mayor of Venice is a climate expert. And an expert on tidal anomalies too.  Or maybe he’s just full of shit. Question: if this is the highest tide in over 50 years, doesn’t that mean there were higher tides more than 50 years ago?  And wouldn’t that make his retarded climate change hypothesis moronic? Just asking.

The Baby Trump Slasher is going hardcore. Well, in his own way he is. I suspect he’s looking to enrich himself with his new-found notoriety. Which is probably what I’d do if I got 15 minutes.  But still, destroying private property isn’t acceptable. Dude needs to be forced to make restitution.

Governor Northam on his way to meet the newly-elected delegates

Black (and blackface!) politicians set to take unprecedented power in Virginia. Not sure what their skin color has to do with anything. Unless, gf course, the media views blacks as a monolithic political entity. And now that I’ve typed that, it makes sense that NBC has taken this perception and turned it into a big deal.

This is a terribly sad story and I don’t know what to think. Cook Children’s Hospital was where Baby Reason’s belly got fixed up 4 years ago. They’re good people. But I’m sure these parents are as well.  It’s just heart-wrenching.

I wonder what he was mumbling? Probably something about qualified immunity and professional courtesy. But if he expected that, he needed to choose his victim more carefully.

Sure they are, drunkie. Sure they are. I’m praying this happens. More than anything in the world.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say I hope everyone involved here loses. Seriously. It’s an absolute shitshow.

Anyway, here you go. I’ll probably listen to it 20 times this morning. Hope y’all listen at least once. It’s a beautiful song.

Now go have a great day. I’ve got two sick kids. so I’m in for a rough one.