“That’s a shame.”

I suppose I could have said Friday and nobody would have really noticed since most of you are looking at the end of the work week. But it’s still Wednesday and I like to keep things simple.  Like Stephen F Austin did last night in beating Duke at Cameron. That. Was. Awe-some! elsewhere on the basketball court, Kansas, Michigan State, Auburn, Colorado and Dayton were big winners.


In hockey, your winners were Boston (who routed the Habs), Chicago, and THE MINNESOOOOOOOOOOODA WIIIIIIIIIIIILD!!!!!!! Man, I love posting that for our frozen fans from Minn-NoDak.  Oh, and across the pond, your UCL results of note were Juventus over Athletico, Real drawing PSG, Man City drawing Shaktar, Spuds winning and Bayern quietly thumping everybody they play. Some good matches on tap today, with Liverpool-Napoli topping the list. Enjoy it, those of you already checked out for the week (like me!).

Thermometer meddler Anders Celsius was born on this day.  So were kung-fu legend Bruce Lee, guitar legend Jimi Hendrix, non-scientist Bill Nye, and actor Curtis Armstrong. There were others as well, but none I felt like mentioning.

Alright, on to…the links!

An artist’s depiction of Hunter Biden giving a presentation at a Burisma board meeting.

This has me hopping mad. Seriously? In Florida, of all places.

Sometimes. I can’t improve a headline. Like now.

I can’t imagine how tough life is for these kids. No, seriously. I can’t imagine it at all.

My new hero, Donovan Stewart.

The hero we both want and need. Just an awesome story all the way around.

Tony Robbins sues Buzzfeed. I hope he does the same to them as Hulk Hogan did to Gawker.

Remember, when your dog licks you, he was probably licking his own ass recently. Yikes.

This isn’t one of those “hot teacher bangs students” stories. Not even close.

Enjoy a great song from a generation of great songs. Don’t agree? Fight me.