Everyone love dogs.  Unless they are some sort of cat-loving sociopath.  Even the President.

This is my review of Founders Underground Mountain Imperial Brown Ale

A few days ago, this piece was put out by the Washington Post:

The original photo

“AMERICAN HERO!” Trump tweeted, with the photo of the dog he said ran down Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a Syrian tunnel before Baghdadi killed himself.

The distinctive star of the medal was replaced with a paw print.

Trump and the Pentagon initially declined to release the dog’s name, later confirmed as Conan, but the canine has become a social media sensation after Trump tweeted a photo Monday.

Conan also collided with a real-world moment after the conservative site Daily Wire tweeted the image Tuesday with McCloughan removed.

A watermark for the site appears in Trump’s tweet, but it is a cropped version that removes the attribution of the source photo, which is the Associated Press. That would have indicated that it began as a legitimate news photo, raising the question of whether Trump or a staffer knew McCloughan had been edited out.

The writer, Alex Horton has in his tagline he is an Veteran of the war in Iraq.  Since the inane notion that we cannot criticize people currently, or at any time ever served in the military is starting to make the rounds again, its either up to Swiss or I to go after this guy.  Because heaven forbid somebody that currently or at any time in the past served in the military can possibly be seen in a negative manner under any circumstance…

Sorry Swissy.

Alex, as a Veteran of two tours in Iraq, it is my humble opinion that you are a fucking idiot.  Do you honestly think Trump is dumb enough to NOT see there is a picture of a dog in front of him, whom he is giving a medal?  Now, I get that you think Trump is a moron, but do you not think it is possible Trump or his staffer might remember that time he gave a medal…TO A DOG?  Maybe where you live in idiot-land you might give a random dog a medal for being cute and walking up tall without its tail covering it’s genitals but here in reality we see that its a Photoshop.  People may be dumb but we realize the photo is clearly fake, and that Trump retweeted the photo because its funny, and that is one hell of a dog.

Who’s a good boy?

Here’s the kicker, the NYT got a hot take from the MOH recipient that was removed from the photo:

McCloughan saw the photo as an attempt to herald the dog’s actions in combat, he told the New York Times.

“This recognizes the dog is part of that team of brave people,” he said. McCloughan said he worked with military dogs in Vietnam, where they helped scouts detect enemy positions.

McCloughan was 23 in May 1969 when his unit was caught in a fierce firefight in Tam Ky. He was raked by shrapnel from a rocket-propelled grenade while assessing other soldiers for their injuries, but despite his wounds, McCloughan repeatedly braved enemy fire to carry the injured to safety.

This is the world we live in, where I am forced to point out to idiots like Alex Horton they are being idiots and it comes out with me looking like I am defending Trump.  Screw you Alex, and all the idiots that took it upon themselves to fact-check an obvious joke, when they could be fact-checking or showing any kind of skepticism towards things that actually matter.

What is not a joke is this beer.  Quite frankly, I have yet to come across a Founder’s varietal that is a joke.  This is a heavy-bodied brown ale with espresso notes and aged in bourbon barrels.  They might go too far with the coffee, but that just makes it better suited for day-drinking.  It will not keep you up all night, baiting your neighbors dog.  Do not drink this cold, and do not chug it.  Founders Underground Mountain Imperial Brown Ale:  4.4/5