Fuck, it’s December already? Well, at least it’s Sunday and while all the goyim are scurrying around, I can relax and watch the Niners and Ravens. Maybe. Depends on the VPN we’re using. Fingers crossed. Because that’s going to be far more interesting than the stupid goddam Rams-Cards bullshit that our local stations are carrying.

Birthdays are obligatory, and today’s feature a very waxy lady; the worst part of The Producers; one of the few people creepier than I am; one of the kings of comedy who actually was funny; a guy who understood supply and demand; and someone who was actually funny before she took up politics.

News, news, news.


No shit, Boris.


Joe is gonna show you that he’s a hep dude. And wants to sniff new hair every day. And maybe a little more, no promises.


It’s so cute when clueless dorks discover the internet.


The Cleveland Browns are sui generis.


Pissed off the wrong woman. Remember this when you’re leafing through Q’s Museum of Silicone and Photoshop.


Fake but accurate.



Old Guy Music is a song I like to play (or have liked to ever since I figured out her tuning). The studio version is the one I knew, but holy fuck holy fuck holy fuck look at this lineup! But Jesus, clean your nails, Joni.