So, imagine my surprise when I found out that Cyber Monday didn’t mean hanging out in chat rooms looking for a sexting hookup. Yeah. I guess that’s not how Millenials do it. They don’t know how expensive bandwidth was when your bits had to walk uphill to the modem both ways! Only 3 more minutes before that nudie pic downloads!

I love it… the “Silver Tsunami”. I am not particularly worried about home prices here. First of all, they’re about 25% too high, but I’ve priced that in. Second of all, its not like there’s a shortage of old people to move here.

The British version of “Republicans pounce”: Boris ripped for “exploiting” dead terror victims. Yes, not cricket at all for BOTH sides to stand on a pile of bodies and wave a bloody shirt.

Some people are mistaking sex robots for the real thing. Others find the robots far too responsive to be human. And why are all these robots vaguely Asian?

A french fry shortage? I blame the Hamburglar.

What happens to my Youtube stream when I hang out with Heroic Mulatto and Warty at the same time.

Dem DeathWatch: The TwoFer

Joe Sestak, who I didn’t even know was running, and Steve Bullock are among the faceless rabble of mediocre white men to drop out of the race.

I honestly didn’t know about Sestak. I had to add him just to X him out. It makes you wonder how many more Democratic Presidential candidates are out there, running for office under the radar, lurking under the stage at debates, waiting to erupt like cold sores on the lips of America.