¡Buenos dias Gliberinos!  Feliz viernes trece, y buenos suertes con los gatos negros…..muwahahahaha…


The Chilean C-130 plane bound for Antarctica has been located.  Coincidentally, there are no communist dissidents among the survivors.


In better news, Cuba had a disappointing year in tourism.   Apparently, few people want to visit a socialist hellhole.

The Pentagon is investigating a contract award for parts of “the wall” built by a contractor openly endorsed by the president. I’m sure its its as squeaky clean as Halliburton.

In other news, Mexicans don’t like artwork depicting revolutionary heroes as gay.

A painting showing Mexican Revolution hero Emiliano Zapata nude and in an effeminate pose has drawn the ire of some of Zapata’s descendants and led about 100 farmers to block the entrance to the building where it was on display Tuesday.

The painting depicts a nude Zapata wearing high heels and a pink, broad-brimmed hat, straddling a horse.

Zapata’s grandson said Monday the painting should be removed or descendants would sue.

“We are not going to allow this,” said Jorge Zapata Gonzalez. “For us as relatives, this denigrates the figure of our general (Zapata), depicting him as gay.”

Determine this one on your own.

Argentina follows their timeless tradition of kinda sorta providing asylum for assholes.


Sloopy requested today’s  music selection start with the letter M.  I did not ask why.  I did not think this was an unreasonable request, nor did I clear it with him beforehand.  So today you get the (((Reggae guy))), Matisyahu.