Buenos dias Gliberinos, on yet another fine Wednesday morning!  Let’s get right to the links shall we?

Here’s a fun travel warning:  Dengue fever.  Make sure you wear your DEET if you are traveling.

Venezuela predicted to be the worst humanitarian crisis for 2020–and apparently the most underfunded.  Perhaps their leader’s shouldn’t have spent the last 20 years telling everyone how much they suck and cozying up to Cuba?  I don’t know.  Screw them, and let them figure out their way out of this hole.

BBC:  “How dangerous is Mexico“?  Argentina:  “Mexico?  Pffft, hold my beer.”

I’m sure if the media actually covered him with some honesty and not as a caricature of a right wing ogre, I’d probably find a reason to hate him.  As it turns out, the media only seems to cover Brazilian Trump as some kind caricature of right-wing ogre, so once again I am stuck saying something silly like, “I like this guy.”

A not completely stupid analysis of why it sucks in Latin America from CNN.

A nice analysis of Argentina continuing to not have any plan to get themselves out of the same hole they’ve been stuck in since…forever.

Less crime in spite of more guns sold?  Who knew?

Music selection is somebody I’ve never heard of featuring that guy from Godsmack.  Not bad, not bad at all.

Now get out there and make Wednesday your bitch.