Happy Friday afternoon! Thanks to everyone who pinch hit for me in this slot this week. I was in Detroit all week. I think I saw about 10 minutes of blue sky in five days. How does anyone live like that? Ugh. And then my youngest threw up at daycare. Went and picked him up, and the first thing he did when I literally picked him up in the classroom? Put his hands over my mouth. So it looks like I’m going to lose five pounds on the fashion model diet over the next 36 hours.

Somehow, the defeat of anti-semitic socialists heralds the ascent of Nazism in Britain. I’m confused about how being an international anti-semitic socialist is qualitatively better than the national brand, but I just report what I see.

Florida Man arrested for selling weight loss supplement that works at GNC.

Not to worry, those of you who think the Dems are permanently destroying themselves as a party, Mike Huckabee signals that the Republicans will be out-crazied by nobody! (TW: Hotair)

One of the great victories in the world is having a free oil market that basically has a hard ceiling of $75/bbl.