Hopefully we’re not too far from seeing this again.

We made it, people. The end of the week is here. And all I can say is “Thank God”. Not that its been a terribly difficult week, but just because the college football conference championship games are here and we’re just two days away from the CFP committee naming the playoff teams and locations of the semifinal games so I can line up my tickets and get my Christmas vacation plans in place. Fortunately, I have family in Phoenix and close enough to Atlanta that I can leave the little ones somewhere and buy much better tickets than I’d otherwise buy if I had to buy six of them (my son has decided not to take leave so his NCO can spend time with his family before being deployed to Kuwait in January, so its just me, Banjos and the older daughter that’ll be going to the semifinal). Fingers crossed for Atlanta.

Trubisky Time!

Speaking of sports, the Cowboys are imploding. And the Bears are still alive. Everton fired their manager, as expected. Arsenal continue to suck. West Point needs to do a little better research for slogans. And a bunch of hockey games got played yesterday with the following teams winning: Chicago, Colorado, the MINNESOOOOOOODA WIIIIILD, NYI, Phoenix, Carolina, NYR, Dallas and Calgary.

No point in doing birthdays today Take a look for yourself and see how weak the roster is. Man, that’s the weakest day I’ve ever come across.

OK, on to…the links!

This seems both logical and safe.

Four people killed in Miami area after cops decide to reenact a scene from Heat. That was nuts. Twitter is filled with videos of it. Here’s one. And here’s a second one that’s just insane. Seriously, what the fuck were they thinking? They had a chopper following the truck. In rush hour. It wasn’t going anywhere they couldn’t follow it to a lot more safely than, you know, having fifty cops unload on it in rush hour traffic.

Phoenix Man considering giving Florida Man a run for his money. I could understand this in the summertime, but not once the temps drop.  Have some class, dude.

Jeez, no wonder Chicago and Cook County are going broke. But I’m sure residents are fine knowing their property tax hikes are going to a good cause like…paying a cop $110k a year for his third year on the job.

“Brett Kavanaugh? He’s a piker.”
-Judge Dawn Gentry

“Just because you’re a judge doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to have fun.” At least that would be my defense if I were her.

That’s some quality police work there, Lou. I mean…Jesus. I wouldn’t want to be a taxpayer in that county, because they’re about to be on the hook for this colossal fuckup.

Uber might want to do a better job screening potential drivers. Otherwise, this is just the kind of fodder municipalities beholden to the taxi cartels will use to block them from operating.

Since we went with songs that rocked from the first note to the last this week, I’m coming with this today. And yes, I realize it ends by fading out, but I don’t care.

That’s it.  Enjoy the day and have a great weekend, friends.