13 goals in one game? That must have been fun to watch.

I’ve been out of the loop for two days, to say the least.  What can I say? Sometimes work just materializes out of nowhere and you gotta jump on it. This was most definitely one of those times.  But I’m back today to resume my duties.  And from the look of the sports news from yesterday, I didn’t miss much.  Almost nothing happened of note except the following hockey results: Dallas, NYI, Philly, Columbus, Ottawa, Chicago, Carolina, Montreal, the MINNESOOOOOOODA WIIIIILD, and Vancouver were your winners.  That’s. That’s all of sports.

“Look into my eyes”

Doctor Samuel Mudd (made famous by a Nic Cage movie) was born on this day. As were rubber tire magnate Harvey Firestone, baseball exec Branch Rickey, actress Irene Dunne, olympian and football player Bob Hayes, spoon-bender Uri Geller, TV “creator” Dick Wolf, cutting-edge music producer Alan Parsons, actor Jonah Hill, and soccer player Kylian Mbappe.

Jeez, the birthdays are as bad as the lack of sports stories. Let’s hope we find something better with…the links!

“Bye, EU. It’s been fun, now jog on.”

Man, when Boris says he wants to vote on Brexit before Christmas, apparently he means it. If only he’d had the foresight to mail out a turd in a box to put under every Remoaner’s tree.

Apparently, the Dems are convinced the majority set rules only when they’re in the majority. Best of luck, Nancy and Chuck.  But this ain’t how it work and you know it.

Man, there’s a bunch of butthurt Harry Potter fans out there today. I guess the tolerant left doesn’t extend their tolerance to people with differing views on free speech.

Give a Chicago teacher a rope, he thinks he’s a cowboy hangman. If you’re surprised by this, you know little about Chicago Public Schools or their teachers union.

The Epstein videotape shitshow continues. I’m sure this is totally legit and there’s nothing to see here, folks.  Move along. Move along.

“Pete waiting for his opportunity to mansplain”
-lefty media
“Pete being hectored”
-everyone else

The Pete and Lizzie show took center stage at the Dom debate last night.  Meanwhile, Uncle Joe stuttered intentionally and people (stupidly) went nuts about it.  Which is sad. It was probably the most logical point anyone on the stage made all night.

I wonder if the cause of this will ever be released. “No intoxication signs at the scene” though. Except for the smashed wreckage of the car that had been going the wrong way early in the morning.

Just in case you were wondering, this is where we all live. Hope you enjoy.

Now go have a great day, friends. And enjoy what I hope is the start of a long time off.