This one is going to be short but sweet because I’m writing this from the road while returning from celebrating wifey’s 50th birthday.  Presumably, you’ve all sobered up from Thanksgiving. It’s time to report in on your progress over the last four weeks.

I had two “tests” this past week.  Athleanx’s AX1 program has a recurring test at the end of each 4-week cycle called the Athlean 400.  It’s 100 pushups, 100 sit ups, 100 inverted rows, and 100 bodyweight squats.  You can get these done in whatever grouping you choose.  A month ago, I completed it in 17:43. This time I completed it in 15:06.  I was really pleased with the improvement but was shooting for a sub 15-minute time to score at a higher level.  I’m still calling that a win.

The second and more important test was the “Final X-AM.”  I hate the corny names but that’s the only thing I dislike about this program.  The Final X-AM requires 12 sets of ten reps and is also timed.  The exercises are burpee pushups, dumbbell swings, inverted rows, and V-Up Russian twists.  You must do one set of each (so basically a big super set) and then repeat until completed.

I’ll leave the scoring levels aside and cut to the chase.  I had to complete this in 25 minutes or less to “graduate.”  This test has seriously kicked my ass before.  It’s humbling to be reminded how far I have to go.

Four weeks ago, I completed ten of the sets in 32:20. I was winded, parched, and just dripping in sweat.  I was also pissed at myself because I was tired but not totally gassed.  I could have pushed on to finish even if I would have been over the 40-minute mark.

This time I finished but it took 37:23. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.  I was not even close to passing.  But I’m finding the silver lining because I did finish, and my ten-set time dropped to 30 minutes.  That’s an unofficial mark and I’ll probably ignore it going forward.  It seemed relevant this time because of where I gave up last time.

My lats and conditioning were clearly weaknesses four weeks ago.  I did much better on the inverted rows, but I have got to up my conditioning if I’m going to get my time down below 25 minutes.

I really wanted to move on to AX2 but clearly, I’m not ready.  May Warty have mercy on my soul.

Here’s where you report on your progress.  Our next check in will be the Sunday after Christmas.  So, for the brave among you, also tell us what your goals for the next check in.