I’m writing this way early because I’ll be out of town doing various fun, family and feasting things over Thanksgiving so all of the predictions that come true are extra-impressive.  My first prediction is that I’ll be at the airport when this gets published which is a pretty risky prediction as anyone who has attempted to fly into Albany in the winter can attest to.

Lots of bad news in the skies this week, but much of it is annoyingly unspecific.  Saturn-Venus-Luna can mean the end of a relationship, a decrease in passion in a current relationship, Lesbian Bed Death, menopause, or a relationship getting out of a sexual rut that it’s been in.  Mars aligning with Mercury and the Earth can mean a soldier returning home, a soldier being called up from hoe to go to war, or your neighbors have a domestic disturbance that causes you problems.  Sagittarius continues its karmic benevolence from last week, though less so, and for those born under this sign, this week will be a bit less than optimal (though still very good).  Capricorn will be lucky in love purely by accident.  The moon in Aquarius brings an enhancement to water in all of its forms.

I somehow made it out of town without my deck, and also have to write this up on a phone.  While a lesser man would use that as an excuse to not provide you with that personal advice that you’ve come to depend on, I won’t let you down.  I don’t have any suitable scapulae available, and my hosts wouldn’t appreciate the ritual evisceration that a good haruspex requires.  Plus I’d need to do it twelve times, and that would cut into my holiday budget.  There are many systems of divination based on the casting of tonnes, probably the most famous of which is the I Ching.  I’m not going to cast that one either.  Instead, I’m going to use a stripped-down version of the Celtic oracular casting sticks, or more specifically:  coins.  The prescient precision is imperfect with this, but the results should be just as reliable as any major technique.

Sagittarius: good luck

Capricorn:  bad luck

Aquarius: good luck

Pisces: good luck

Aries: bad luck

Taurus: bad luck

Gemini: bad luck

Cancer: bad luck

Leo: good luck

Virgo: good luck

Libra: good luck

Scorpio: bad luck