A pleasant surprise

The Texans took down the Patriots. The Ravens won a colossal game. The Steelers buried the Browns hopes one more time. And a bunch of other NFL games took place. Oh yeah, the Bungles won. But we all know this week was about Saturday.  Sorry, Golden Rodents. Y’all had a hell of a season but just ran out of gas.  No “sorry” for Bama. Fuck them. Want to not lose games like that? Learn to recruit and train better kickers. Not to mention they have no wins against ranked teams all season.  I hope they are ready for the Outback Bowl, but they’ll probably sneak into the Cotton Bowl and get to play a G5 team. Now if we could just get UVA to pull off a crazy upset this weekend. Oh, and one more thing: This clock seems to be functioning perfectly. LOL, man that was one absolutely epic beatdown in the Big House.  I will admit I was nervous as hell, but that’s just in my nature and the scars from the Cooper years that haven’t healed.  But in all honesty, the two programs are getting farther apart in quality every year now.  It’s time TTUN start nudging Harbaugh back to the NFL. Or just pretend the game isn’t important and focus on beating MSU and PSU every year.

I can’t even remember which of the 8 TDs this was.

Britney Spears, Gianni Versace, Aaron Rogers and Monica Seles were born on this day. Hardly anybody else was. Bummer.

Anyway, on to…the links!

Remind me…who runs Seattle?  Oh that couldn’t be a contributor, could it?  You know, since they pretty much have removed property owners’ rights to develop land as they see fit and fill market gaps.  Nah, it’s got to be greed.

Poised to ensure more rights…

Gun grabbers are about to get a swift kick in the balls. I, for one, expect to be pleased by the decision. Sorry, grabbers. I know the goal in removing the ordinance was so the case would get dropped and you’d just put a new ordinance in its place. You played a game and are about to lose. Nice job.

Guess my phone case was on that truck

Maybe instead of pushing Nest on homeowners, Amazon should be installing it in their trucks. On a side note, how hard is it to deliver a damn iPhone 11 case on time, you bastards? I ordered it on Thursday with next day delivery guaranteed and it still isn’t here and I can’t cancel the purchase until it gets delivered. and then I have to take the time to return it now that I got another one somewhere else.

See this?  This is the world’s smallest violin playing just for you. Sorry your little insurance policy seems to have backfired.

I assume this surprises exactly zero people. Looks like they’ll have to run their circus without the biggest attraction. But there are still plenty of clowns involved.

Global warming is about to fuck shit up. Have fun with that. But seriously, stay safe.

I’d imagine more TTUN fans are feeling this way about Harbaugh and the Wolverines today. And I couldn’t be happier.

Go have a great day, friends.