Anxiously looking forward to this…

I don’t think I can express my displeasure at the CFP committee enough, dropping Ohio State to #2. But I won’t go into it. That’s life being a fan of a team not in the SEC. And who knows, maybe Clemson really aren’t that good and its all their terrible schedule…yeah, right.

And more of this…

In more enjoyable news, the Patriots dynasty may be coming to an end.  If it continues, it’ll most likely involve a road playoff game. And speaking of playoffs, the Steelers are still inexplicably in with a few weeks to go.  So are the Cowboys, who deserve to be taken behind the barn and shot. And the Texans, who are a schizophrenic enigma to say the least.  Should be a wild final 3 weeks. Enjoy it.

A good character…and the worst (aside from Wesley)

Lots of other stuff happening, but we have some time constraints, so I’m moving on. Puritan and poet John Milton was born on this day.  So were frozen food magnate Clarence Birdseye, actor Broderick Crawford, dimpled actor Kirk Douglas, actress Judi Dench, football players Deacon Jones and Dick Butkus, golfer Tom Kite, TNG and DS9’s Michael Dorn, and ‘rassler Kurt Angle.

Not a bad list. Not great, but not bad.  Now on to…the links!

World Anti-doping Administration drops the athletic hammer on Russia. All I can say is: WOW!

“Uh, that’s half the reason we’re doing this. The other half is to erase the rest of the value.”
-climate activists

Protesters are back in force in Hong Kong. And I’m not so sure they should be referring to as “Democrats” but rather “pro-democracy.”  Their ship seems to have passed the Dems’ ship in the night headed in opposite directions.


The FBI is presuming the Pensacola NAS shooting as a terrorist attack. Yeah, no shit.

Bonus NY Post link for a quick laugh. LOL, stop standing on the race course, dumbass.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Never trust a cat. This is basic stuff, people.

Somehow I don’t think that relationship is gonna last. Christ, what an asshole.

Not sure I’ve ever played this since we started doing songs on here. Whichever one of you has the spreadsheet (or database) set up listing songs by artist, title, genre, length, artist height, or whatever other category I’m leaving out, can let me know. The rest of you, enjoy it.

Now go have a great day, friends.