Well, I’m here briefly, then off to Baltimore. Not a happy trip. But at least it will be over quickly. And then I’ll be back, hopefully without any rat stowaways in my luggage.

And we can celebrate birthdays, too! Those would include a guy from the Delta; a dyslexic general; a guy who was the perfect foil in one of my favorite silly comedies; Heroic Mulatto’s hero; the Pride of Los Angeles; a notorious high jumper; and a football player who exemplified “team first”.

On to the news.


While I always applaud someone opposing government subsidies, taking a victory lap for converting a 25,000 white collar job opportunity to a 1,500 manual labor job opportunity strikes me as a bit weird.


This time it wasn’t me.


Every time a cop gets killed while fighting the drug war, an angel gets his wings.


Really? Now let’s see, who beat them last week…?


Now, it’s tough for me to decide who to hate the most in this story. Oh yeah, two parties that didn’t appear in the story: the union that enabled this, and the government who gave the unions this power and passed all kinds of laws forcing employers to go through these charades to get rid of a ridiculous expense.


Too local.


Apparently the government is watching me taking a shit.


I am shocked, SHOCKED, that cops would lie for revenue and kicks.


Old Guy Music today is something to get me in the Christmas mood, which for my people is to hide from the vengeful goyish crowds who want to throw us down a well.