So get this. OMWC thinks that dealing with a dementia patient in a wheel chair, who happens to be his Mom, while simultaneously dealing with the TSA security theater, in a crowded airport packed with clueless snowbirds, then flying across the country to move Mom into a memory care facility at 10 p.m. on a Saturday night, earns him the right to skip out on Sunday morning links duty on his way back to the airport to fly home in time to get to work tomorrow at 6 a.m.

He’s correct. You’re stuck with me.


Here’s a Super Secret TPTB Chat Room exchange from last night, while OMWC was trying to eat a takeout dinner at the memory care place.

OMWC: A guy wandered in, assured me that the business was doing well, they were going to bring me into it, then he took my garlic bread and walked away eating it.  They’re going to give me a drawing, he assured me. He’s quite jolly and affable.

TPTB, always supportive: Must be nice not to be the oldest man in the room for a change!



A woman who probably wished one could choose one’s relatives; a guy whose wife needed some serious time in a salon; the guy with allegedly the most-visited grave in Paris; a man who got the hell out of Des Moines, Iowa (a town I actually like); and a woman about whom my best friend once said, “If she’s stable, I’m a toaster.”


In other news, at least Sloopy will be a happy drunk today. Sorry Wisconsin.

I’m happy for this Montana family. And happy there are nice people who will help reunite them.

I find this hard to believe. Aren’t all elections conducted in a fair, legal, and ethical manner worldwide?

This was most certainly covered by someone here yesterday. It has science and facts! As HM remarked in chat: A moral panic – with statistics.

Yes, it does snow in parts of Arizona.

Exactly what I expect from dentists. Well, you know, not exactly exactly, but I’m not surprised.



And a topical Old Guy Music selection to continue the uplifting tone of OMWC’s weekend!

Have a better one than he is, kids.

Go Pack!


Wishful thinking?