1. Secret Glib Cabin in the Woods is best cabin in the woods.  Didn’t even get raped and killed in it.
  2. Glib Community When Life Goes to Shit is best online community when life goes to shit.  We’ve seen people deal with death, mental decline of loved ones, unexpected unemployment, and Leap having to deal with the recognition that his spawn is ‘special needs’.  For my part, I wouldn’t trade you for all the used sex robots in Texas.
  3. Animal is Best Column Writer in 2019.  Lots of good ones, but these stuck out because his youth of “fucking around in the woods” and “wearing boots” reminded me of my youth, which involved a lot of “fucking around in the woods” and “wearing boots”.  That zany one about poisoning soldiers is pretty good too.
  4. Yoats is Best Word I Can’t Believe I Use With A Straight Face.
  5. Tulsi Gabbard Apologist is Best Tulsi Gabbard Meme.  Much better than “you just like her because she is pretty” meme.
  6. Leon is Best Glib I Find Myself Agreeing A Lot.  Sorry Pat.  Try harder in 2020.
  7. My Hero Academia / Boku no Hīrō Akademia is Best Anime to Watch with a 10 year old.  Just beats out Yakitate!! Japan but lets be honest, it would be improved with more afro-related subplots.
  8. The Number 6.
  9. Home Made Fermented Hotsauce is Best Hotsauce.  Even if this batch wasn’t hot.  Thanks for the peppers 4score.
  10. How the Fuck Did I Become a Teetotaler is Worst Revelation.  How the fuck did that happen?  I think I had three drinks this year.