Hey all, its Thursday, which is not as good as Friday, but I’m almost caught up from the long weekend. Watched the new Grinch with kids last night. Meh. I prefer the silent Grinch and the songs, plus the entire Grinch back-story about how he was just an asshole because of his childhood annoyed me. Bears v. Cowboys tonight to see who sucks and who just stinks.

John Kerry endorses Joe Biden because, well, their families have business ties, I guess. Kiss of death.

I’ll just lay down my marker. Aramco will never be more valuable than today.

Hospitals sue Trump administration on pricing transparency. Their lead quoted argument is that it would be too hard to figure out what they actually charge. No shit. Its too hard for their customers, too. I’m a qualified meh on this. One the one hand, surgeries and hospitalizations are complex things that don’t always boil down to one basket of services that will cost X. On the other hand, it would have been nice to know that they were going to charge us $25 for 800mg of ibuprofen during a recovery for child-birth.

Looks like we’re getting the Heck out of Congress. Sorry, couldn’t resist.