Love those old-school uniforms

Yesterday sucked. Drive to DFW and back in the same day and do a bunch of moving and lifting in the middle of the trip…ugh. Oh well, at least I got to finish the night off by watching my Buckeyes basketball team absolutely smash North Carolina on the road. In fact, it was Roy boy’s worst home loss ever while at UNC. Elsewhere, Purdue one-upped the Buckeyes by throttling UVA by even more. And with Maryland thumping Notre Dame, the Big Ten bested the ACC for the first time since 2015.

Adios, Marco Silva.

Across the pond, Liverpool obliterated crosstown rival Everton, whose manager is likely to be out of a job sometime today. ManUre took down Spuds, who continue to suck no matter who’s in charge. Chelski and Leicester also won. And in NFL news, the 49ers suspended their radio analyst for saying something you’re not supposed to say. NHL winners were Colorado, Washington, Pittsburgh and Ottawa.

“Looks like I took a wrong turn at Little Big horn”

Old school Genoan Pope Julius II was born on this day. So were president Martin Van Buren, General George Custer, aviation pioneer Clyde Cessna, genius filmmaker Fritz Lang, noted anti-Semite Walt Disney, physicist Werner Heisenberg, redneck Senator Strom Thurmond, another great director Otto Preminger, rocker Jim Messina, PGA great (I got to play with once) Lanny Wadkins, wide receiver Art Monk, and snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan.

Now we come to…the links!

The House judiciary committee held an impeachment hearing yesterday. It wasn’t exactly what I’d call impartial. In fact, it was downright scary in its partisanship.

George Zimmerman hadn’t been in the news for a while. So I guess this was inevitable.

A sailor went nuts and killed two people before offing himself at Pearl Harbor. That’s got grudge written all over it.  But don’t worry…the NYPD is on it.

That hair, yo.

A Florida UPS worker stole a rather expensive package rather than deliver it. But the bigger crime is that haircut. WOW!

NASA probe “touches the sun”. That’s actually pretty cool. Now maybe NASA will start to understand how the sun impacts climate more than man can. But that doesn’t sell, so I doubt they’ll even consider it.

Somebody in the comments recently asked where were the French yellow jackets. Well, they’re back in the news today.

I had some success with yesterday’s rock. May as well kick ass two days in a row. Enjoy.

Now go have a great day, friends!