Tough game

I really thought the Seahawks were gonna lose.  The Vikings put up a good fight but it just wasn’t enough.  Only a handful of games on the ice yesterday. Your winners were Buffalo, Vegas, NYI, St Louis and Anaheim. And on the hardcourt, the ACC/Big Ten thingy got into gear as Minnesoooooda took out Clemson (oh, if only this was football) and Miami knocked off Illinois. More on tap tonight including a couple of biggies.

Back when he spoke intelligibly

Those notables born on this day include infinity symbol guy John Wallis, General George McClellan, novelist Joseph Conrad, college basketball coaching great Fred Taylor, rocker Ozzy Osbourne, faith healing conman Benny Hinn, actress Julianne Moore, human statue Terry Schiavo, sexy skater Katarina Witt, and ageless actor Brendan Fraser.

OK, on to…the links!

Jimmy Carter doesn’t have much time left. At least that’s my guess. I could be wrong and he could go all RBG and stay alive for years.

The Chicago Machine eats one of its own. I wonder what stupid thing the mayor did to burn this trump card.  That’s what it usually is when an expendable is cast aside with such fanfare.  Everybody knows this dumbshit should have been fired at least a month ago. Lightfoot kept him around just for this.

It’s always the paper trail

Prince Andrew might end up in the Tower of London. Or he may commit Arkancide. Either way, shit’s looking worse for him.

And it looks like they only winged him. Which is about the level of accuracy I’d expect. But still…this is why schools need to allow for armed personnel.

Oh man, they didn’t think this one through. Also, I guess they don’t care about far-left extremism. Otherwise they’d be placing an urn about 10x that size in front of the CCP’s offices in Bejing.

Canada susceptibility to cyber attacks goes up 1000%. US’s drops 10%.

OK, enjoy this. I know some of you will and some won’t. But I’m fine with that.

Now go have a greatly, friends!