That’s a great lineup.

It took the Eagles OT to beat the Giants. I repeat: it took the Eagles OT to beat the Giants.  Jesus, that’s bad. Stephen Strasburg is apparently about to sign a deal to stay with the Nats worth a quarter of a billion dollars. The British hate free speech. Liverpool have a huge fight on their hands today to qualify for the UCL knockout stages.  And two Buckeyes, An LSU Tiger (and graduate from OSU) and a Sooner (and graduate from Bama) are your Heisman finalists, although Burrow is effectively a lock for the award.


If you were born on this day, you share it with Scottish King James I, abolitionist leader William Lloyd Garrison, morose and tedious writer Emily Dickinson, terrorist organization founder Abu Abbas, the fine actor Michael Clarke Duncan, actor Kenneth Branagh, hockey player Rob Blake, and drummer Meg White.

Not exactly a superb list, but I will say this: if you haven’t seen The Slammin’ Salmon, you haven’t seen Michael Clarke Duncan at his best. And with that, we segue in to…the links!

Mr Creosote says “not one more witness”.

Looks like the Democrats in the House will release two articles of impeachment today. Lindsay Graham announced that he’s not planning to call Schiff or others involved in the process as witnesses. Not sure I am happy about that, especially after yesterday’s farce where Nadler let Schiff’s right hand sit in the witness chair and give a 45 minute speech without being sworn in or taking questions and then sit on Nadler’s shoulder and question other witnesses.

The IG Report effectively lets the government get away with spying on an American political campaign based on bullshit. Well, for now anyway. There’s always hope Barr and Durham do something. but I won’t hold my breath.

Volcker enjoying a cigar and testifying before Congress

Paul Volcker has died. The former Fed Chairman is credited with fighting inflation…and winning.

I don’t understand. I always assumed this is half of what Snapchat is for. And the other half was to drive parents crazy when their kids announce their life’s ambition is to become an “influencer”.

It begins…

This is a good start. Now if they could only get strong enough to carry human bodies, this will get interesting.

It never surprises me that these situations almost always happen to journalists. And people always jump on it without knowing all the facts.  But that’s the world we live in.

I didn’t intend to set a theme for the week yesterday, but I suppose I did. And this continues it. Enjoy. I know I will.

Now get out there and have a great day!