Thank goodness I’m a touch-typist after that H&H Extended Universe entry. My eyes refuse to function after that horror. I told SF privately that entry was worth just about anything Trump does in the next 400 days or so, given that the Hat & Hair main story line is so much less… blech. Trying to explain to the wife why I was giggling, weeping, and vomiting at the same time was… interesting.

Wife: I want to read that

Me: Nope. You’ll blame me for it even after you say you won’t. Its not worth it

Wife: I won’t…

Me: See, its just like I said!

Wife: Whatever, I’m not cleaning up that mess

Tennessee aquarium powers Christmas lights with renewable energy.

Vox are innumerate morons. I don’t even know where to start on this. So much garbage in two charts.

Please, please let Trump’s ego be the thing that crashes NATO.

NY Glibs, I have a mission for you. Go forth to Monroe County, interact with the local cops, and just be yourselves.