It’s going to be a brief narrative, because I’m desperately attempting to catch up on everything that fell by the wayside for the last six months. I’m also now trying to get into the holiday spirit, or at least out of major depression, so I am actually going to put up some Christmas lights today. Not going to go as far as a tree, but I have my grandmother’s little ceramic tree, and that will go in my office. As soon as I find it in whatever box in which it resides, in whatever still-not-unpacked stack of boxes and bins, in whatever still-not-decorated room that box might be in. Or maybe it’s in the garage.

Anyway, you don’t care about the mundane details of my existence. You just come here for links you can ignore. So, here we go!


This is hilarious and a public art project all at the same time.

This should surprise exactly nobody.

This makes many good points. Also, has anyone else noticed that nearly every TV ad now sports a girl who looks earnestly like Greta? Or at least the ads we see during football, which is the only TV we ever see.

This is something that WebDom and I talk about ALL.THE.TIME. Always buy the domain name(s) before you do ANYTHING else with an idea or business.

This is something about which I don’t think he will have to worry.

This just pisses me off.

This was amusing, since I’m a former social media manager for a brand. (A week old thread, but too bad!)

This proves that the Trumps are antisemites!


Have a great rest of the day, kids! If you live in my neighborhood, you can come over and help me untangle the lights. There will be cocktails.