Well the penultimate CFP rankings are out. And Ohio State still sits atop LSU. Bama’s precipitous fall will generate a lot of glee, although probably not in the Finebaum house. That little bald turd is probably on suicide watch. Also, looks like the committee are poised to install the Big XII or Pac12 champ as the 4-seed, should LSU beat Georgia and the Big Ten and ACC play out as expected. And in a shock, an Ohio State football coach won an award for the first time in 40 years. Seriously, it had been 40 years, 2 national championships, an undefeated season where they were kept out of the record books, and 15 conference championships for the school without a coach winning the award. Seems about as legit as one coach leaving Chase Young off the all-Big Ten first team…which also happened.


Ron Rivera was fired by the Panthers. TTUN’s basketball team got rolled by Louisville. The Hoosiers beat FSU. And Dayton keeps doing good things. Duke bounced back to beat Sparty. And across the pond, Man City and Crystal Palace both won with a heavy slate of midweek games continuing today with the Merseyside derby among others on tap.

A huge slate of NHL games were played last night. The winners were Boston, Montreal, THE MINNESOOOOOODA WIIIIIIIILD!!!!!!!, Vegas, Philly, Phoenix, Tampa, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Washington. The Red Wings didn’t lose because they didn’t play.


Some birthdays of note for you to ponder: Sioux chief Crazy Horse, earmuff inventor Chester Greenwood, Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, hockey legend Al Delvecchio, actor Max Baer, Jr, “The Dude” Jeff Bridges, rap mogul and fan of communist Cuba Jay-Z, and the lovely Tyra Banks.

OK, now on to…the links!

Just in case you wanted to stare at a bunch of boobs. See, this is how you’re supposed to treat boobs with cameras around.

And this is not how you’re supposed to treat boobs with cameras around. Also, this story is lacking some description. And video. Come on, FOIA advocates…do your job!


Ah yes, our blind system of justice works! LOL, just kidding. This fucker would be rotting in a cell if he was a normal person.

The winning bidders are in and 10,000 scooters will be let loose in D.C. In completely unrelated news, 10,000 personal injury lawyers just ordered new billboards and park bench signage in the city.


Drug kingpin Pablo Escobar’s brother releases foldable smartphone with ad blitz featuring women in lingerie. No, seriously. That’s it. That’s the story. God Bless America.

Harris taunts Trump after she drops out of the Presidential race. Weird flex, but ok.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I can’t wait to see how the grabbers latch on to this one. Because you know they will.

Here’s a great song to get you pumped up for the day. It just rocks from the first note to the last.  You’re welcome.

Now go out there and kick today’s ass, friends!