Hi guys, happy Friday. Mine involved some phlebotomy (not for a hostile DUI evidence gathering), and a bunch of sales meetings. I fear I’m becoming on of “them”. I suggested on a call that they put our presentation (37 slides for a 30 minute preso? not bloody likely) on some branded thumb drives for the potential client, and got accused by my boss of being “sales” — a strong negative from a “delivery” guy. And then we laughed. Enjoy your weekend.

AOC, union champion, fails to pay dues to the organization who helped her get elected. Why should she give them her hard begged money?

You’ve probably all seen The Bee, but fuck hatebirds, the birds that hate! Noah is rightly pilloried by America’s New Source

A new Subaru FUCKS edition Forester is just begging for a Subaru House of Horrors appearance.

Pretty horrific crash here in local news. Some pool guy, drunk as a lord at 11:30 in the morning hit a jogger and sent them over a railing and into the bay. What a fuckhead. No happy endings here, the jogger was dead when local good citizens jumped in to help him.