Editor’s Note: Chafed sent this in, but SP was overwhelmed by visiting out-of-town siblings (never again!), local Glibs, assorted other guests, WebDom (who was a huge help), food prep, and Champagne on Saturday and never checked her email. (She’s a loser.) Anyway, since Chafed is asking for advice from the Glibertariat, we’re posting this late.


You know how the NFL’s Pro Bowl is a mish mash of highly paid players basically going through the motions as a placeholder until the Super Bowl?  Well, it’s a lot like this post except I don’t get paid.  I blame Jesse, Gojira, and WebDom.  It’s been a very long week for me, and I can’t remember the last time I saw a Margaret Cho reference from Jesse, a hysterical movie review from Gojira, and/or a vegetarian/vegan recipe from WebDom.  So, screw it.  I’m phoning it in this week.  It’s slightly better than an open post.  Sort of like the Pro Bowl is slightly better than no football at all.  But let’s be honest.  You aren’t watching the Pro Bowl and you are skipping right to the comments.

For anyone who made it this far, let’s raise a toast to OMWC and SP.  It’s their tenth anniversary.  I don’t know how SP made it through ten years of marriage when she’s nine years old but there it is.

I’m in the process of buying a California compliant Sig Sauer P226.  It’s 9 mm though I might experiment later with changing out the barrel to try different calibers.  I need an ammo recommendation for 9mm.  What should I use at the range and what should be in it for home defense?  How much should I buy at one time?

From what I’ve read and been told by a friend who has owned three P226s for many years, it’s extremely reliable and will take just about any ammo without causing a failure to fire or a failure to eject.  Your euphemism comments are welcome.

I am looking for recommended ammo sellers, in or out of state.  For those unaware, California passed a ridiculous ammo law.  One more reason I will be moving out of state when I retire.

I’m embarrassed for Ted’S.  I saw his music links yesterday.  Here’s my music link.  It’s the source of my bio and I’m feeling lazy.