Like all real science, Astrology is based on math.  The tracking of the motion of the planets and developing the equations to predict where they were or would be was of vital importance for an astrologer who’s client needed information about people born in the past or events happening in the future.  And during all of these mathematical studies, correspondences were noticed.  There are seven planets, there are seven days of the week.  Is this a coincidence?  No.  Is it a coincidence that there were seven metals know to the ancients?  Also no.  I’ve alluded to how you can use these facts to improve your situation but haven’t explicitly laid them out for you before, so here’s a quick and easy chart to amplify the celestial influences you may need:

Using this in conjunction with the Sephirot that I published earlier can give some powerful resultsNow there is some controversy about that last column.  You can find many sources that will disagree but these sources are obsolete and contradictory.  But this isn’t really their fault, because the correct correspondence couldn’t be made until the great Alchemist Isaac Newton discovered the color Indigo.  It is telling however, that The Mars/Venus Red/Green Iron/Copper alignment has been known since the very beginning.  Even though the ancients didn’t have the mathematical tools that Newton invented, they were still able to divine quite a bit about the nature of the universe.

Without this guy, you wouldn’t have blue jeans.

This week has an interesting construction, and frankly I’m having a hard time nailing down exactly what it means.  We’ve got the Earth-Moon-Mercury with the Sun and Venus in opposition.  At the most basic level, you’ve got news negatively affecting your domestic situation, and this news is either about or will be delivered by a woman.  But as you abstract out the signs, you pass through such stages as “the discovery of bastard offspring” and “memories of a beach vacation” while at the most general it’s just generally contradictory higgledy-piggeldy.  The most likely reading of this is that an ex, with whom you’ve had lots of really good sex, gets in contact with your current partner.

The indications for good fishing are increased this week, and everyone get their 5th Dimension on as Aquarius is in the sun starting now.  Aquarius also gets Mercury, so roll a few dice.  All the other visitations are the same as last week, so go copy-paste that if you’re curious.

Aquarius:  10 of Swords reversed – Temporary advantage, profit or success, favor, power, authority

Pisces:  4 of Coins – Security, holding on to your gains,  gift, legacy, inheritance

Aries:  2 of Wands – Riches, fortune, magnificence, physical suffering, disease, chagrin, sadness, mortification

Taurus:  The World reversed – Inertia, fixity, stagnation, permanence

Gemini:  The Hermit reversed –  Concealment, disguise, policy, fear, unreasoned caution

Cancer:  Death – End, mortality, destruction, corruption

Leo:  Page of Swords reversed – The evil side of authority, unforeseen, unprepared state, sickness

Virgo:  Queen of Coins reversed – Evil, suspicion, suspense, fear, mistrust

Libra:  The Fool reversed – Negligence, absence, distribution, carelessness, apathy, nullity, vanity

Scorpio:  Knight of Cups – Arrival, approach, advances, proposition, demeanor, invitation, incitement

Sagittarius:  8 of Wands reversed – Jealousy, internal dispute, stingings of conscience, quarrels

Capricorn:  2 of Coins – gaiety, recreation, news and messages in writing, obstacles, agitation, trouble, embroilment