I was born in 1963, and got to see a lot of change in America: hippie uncles and aunts; Dad was an older Vietnam Marine; the ‘70s; typical American kid. The Ice Age was coming, the sun zooming in, (sorry) Arab oil, and mood rings, fun but so….

Mom was a great influence, she gave me The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Plato and some Roman stuff, the The Gulag Archipelago. I was fully anti-commie by 16.

Rush, yes, the hampster-voiced Pro  Rock gods I love so much, back in the ‘70s/‘80s we read the lyrics, looking for the “deeper meaning,” which was usually Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll, but Rush was different. The drummer wrote the lyrics, man! And he also read some Ayn Rand, making Anthem, and of course 2112, the long version. When I was playing in my friend’s mom’s garage, she heard the lyrics and gave me a book, The Fountainheadby Ayn Rand, cool, I like architecture….

26 years old, married, HVAC guy, musician, I’m supposed to be a tree hugger, and I was ‘til my lead man drove a truck with no FM radio, so we listened to this local chick talk about other people’s problems, and some guy named Rush, Baseline Budgeting? Hmm, then I learned about my old friend Buckley, Sowell, and others. Off to the races. 

I saw Reason Magazine many times—usually at a dentist’s office or some such—and the idea intrigued me: follow the Constitution? Read the Constitution? What a concept. Flash forward to 2003, I was finally slogging through Atlas Shrugged, and through the Instapundit, found Reason online and thought, “Yes! maybe some refuge from the refuse.” I learned more and expanded to other places but always came back to the TOS, things were good.

As soon as I heard the community only existed to serve the State, I was out, I came here and I have learned more about, and differences in, L/libertarians than any other website available, the outside world would do well to listen to the Glibs!