Mrs Hobbit and I have retirement plans to cross the country, trying to catch the best of each region.  And, of course, the best representation of a local area is its food!

Best example:  Lots of regions proclaim that their BBQ is The Best.  Memphis, KC, NC, Texas, hell, a lot more are prime contenders.  OK, prove it.  What’s the best example of local BBQ?

I’m of the Heinlein opinion that when one is in Rome, one shoots Roman candles.  If I’m on the west coast I’m looking for salmon or King crab.  East coast is lobster or clams.  Chesapeake, you folks have the best shellfish around with the Gulf Coast neck and neck.  Midwest means meat.

We’ve collected a few potentials over the years:

Slaters Hamburgers, CA

Skully’s, Port Joe, FL

Zehnder’s, Frankenmuth, MI

Young’s Jersy Dairy, Yellow Springs, OH

Bob’s Clam Shack, Kittery, ME

If I had visitors, for example, I would take them to either Golden Pride for the best Green Chile Stew on the planet or to Rancho de Chimayo for the best red chile that I’ve ever had.

So, guys and dolls, this is your chance to rave about your favorite local eatery, best local food, and why I should drop in for a bite.  Best of all worlds would be to meet up with local Glibertarians and let them showcase their hometown.