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One of my closest friends has come from his home in Holland to stay for a few months. There’s a long story behind that which would be too geeky even for this crowd, but suffice it to say, he’s the guy who inspired me to start writing about music-related technical stuff for a side gig, and during his days as a publisher, regularly ran my articles and essays. He also hit it off quickly with Swiss, not even getting a single narrowed gaze, despite much consumption of spirituous drinks. His next exposure to our merry little band will come next week when he meets Ozymandius, mexican sharpshooter, Grand Moff-Serious Man, and the always-delightful Kibby.

So besides my usual work schedule, my disappearance during the week has been compounded by him and I huddling in my lab, causing electronics to go up in smoke and making transducers emit odd noises in the cause of measurement. However, I have still stayed somewhat connected to the news, and there has been no shortage of that. But we do need first to see who was born today. In history, that is, before they changed the water. For example, a guy who I have trouble finding words to describe; a guy who was needed; a guy who was the subject of one of my favorite short stories and movies; a physicist who fits the theme; a brilliant fat man; a climate activist with actual integrity- who paid dearly for that; one of the guys who ruined Major League Baseball; an embarrassment to Lehigh; the very best character on The Wire; and a guy who just needed to be a bit more quiet.

On to the news.


I hope you’ll all be out there, trying to pick up women. Honest to Yahweh, this all sounds like parody.


This is an old story, but it fit the theme. Again, it reads like parody.


This guy is even more smug than Manju or whatever-the-fuck-his-name-is. But let’s be honest, McSally had that line practiced, just waiting to roll it out. The website to sell the merch was up in about an hour. As an Arizonan, I am appalled by my choice between this piece of shit and the “fuck the constitution, my wife is missing half her brain” piece of shit.


How do you say “schadenfreude” in Cherokee?


“Look, I was researching their sound and light systems. Totally legit.”


I have an alibi.


If this was linked earlier this week, I apologize. If it wasn’t it should have been.



Old Guy Music is a song that I may have used before, but fuck it, it fits the theme. Doubly so, because we actually had my friend, Swiss, bacon magic, and this performer all in the same room at the same time. Delightful song, clever lyrics.