OK, I have always admitted to being pretty geeky- I mean, shit, I even had a ham radio license when I was a kid- but with our current house guest, it’s dialed up to 11. Well, to be more precise, 10.955, since there’s a little travel at the end of the control. Looks like I’ll have to get out the toolkit and disassemble the optical rotary encoder to fix that last little bit or I’ll never be able to relax… In the meantime, let’s do our usual birthdays and news links, then it’s back to the lab.

Birthdays include a guy who taught us that absolute power corrupts absolutely; the true spiritual father of all of us; a loser loser loser; the pride of Baltimore (and there’s a story involving Spud there, but perhaps it will be told another time); a dude who was, like, totally spherical; a guy who came to dinner, but nowhere else; someone who famously blew Leonard Cohen; the owner of the most famous tits in American history; and SP’s favorite artist (ducking for cover as the rusty tin can lids come flying).

Now news.


Shut the fuck up, Donnie. And everyone else.


This is the kind of thing that gives me hope for the next generation.


Well, this was a bit of a fizzle. And judging from the photos, clearly not a good place to pick up chicks.


My mother always said that there’s only two kinds of people in the world: Jews and antisemites. I always knew that Siri was an antisemite. And she proved it. 


If Rashida Tlaib is your idea of “hot,” then Syria may be paradise for you.


When the menu says “No MSG,” that’s racist. This message sponsored by Ajinomoto.


Speaking of racist, never ask an “activist” to move. Because that’s also racist.


Biden proudly displays the onion on his belt.


Old Guy Music today is the first song we played yesterday when we got our digital room correction software to work properly. OK, we’re geeks, but shit, it’s really a fine piece of work- the song, that is- and I have to admit, it shook the house once we got the volume cranked a bit.