Well, whaddya know–two Night Shift posts in three weeks!  That must be some kind of record, or, something.  Actually, that chest cold was the pits, and not exactly helped by weather that goes from a small ice flurry to 60-degree-plus temps in three days.  Blech.  Anyway, let’s crack on with the links and comments, shall we?


Who says Canadians are mild-mannered?  Keep in mind that an anagram of ‘Jessica Yaniv’ is ‘In Jiveass Cay’.  And, as we all know, that’s a reference to Jeffrey Epstein’s pedo island.

Geeze, I’m glad she told us!  I am, of course, referring not only to her repeated crowing about this accomplishment, but also, her cluing us in on her preferred pronouns.  Because…Damn.

OK, Canada—you’re 2 for 2 this week.  Maybe the Kellie Pickler clone is just taking Neil Peart’s death rather hard…?

An homage for my friend, CPRM.

Heinous.  Quite a bit of beating going on in that story.

When meth-heads attack.  Maybe the farts weren’t so bad, by comparison?


Coward.  Wake me up when he decides to use the Weed Whacker.

Funny, but, I would have thought this was more an Austin thing.

I hate it when a technicality spoils a perfectly good sword fight.  Part of me wants to say, “Let ‘em.”  The other part refuses to concede that authority to a judge.

Oh, you want music?  Here’s something for last weekP-Funk can take us the rest of the way.


As I mentioned to straffinrun earlier in the week, I’m not sure how long I’ll be continuing Night Shift posts.  While they can be fun, and help me as I stay awake into Sunday mornings, I’m finding it difficult to put them together every week.  Of course, if anyone else wants to jump in and put some together, I’m all for coordinating some sort of alternating schedule.  Anyway, chat it up, ya reprobates.