Good afternoon, everyone. Today’s adventure in the new work computer was: Which version of dev tool X did I have on my old computer? I failed that test several times today, and had to retake it. Other than that, its been a meeting-ful day. Between the two things, I’ll be lucky to get a lick of akshual work done.

Looks like someone got twitchy at an Iranian SAM site. What a horrible reason to die in a plane crash.

Oh yeah, I’m sure the Saudis were really sad their world hyper-power buddy started flexing on their regional enemy. Given that they’ve been running a proxy war through Yemen for the last couple of years, I’m a little doubtful.

Definitely need those winning Powerball numbers to come up. And to buy a ticket. Or just find the winner on the ground. Odds are about the same.

Well this is a fascinating overview of commonly prescribed drugs and personality changes.

This seems like a good-old-fashioned bar brawl.