Great hire. Now he needs to fire the offensive staff.

The Cowboys hired Mike McCarthy to replace Jason Garrett.  Certainly not the sexiest hire, but a solid one. Although it looks like a lot of the coaching staff has stayed in place. Arsenal eked out a win against Leeds to advance in the FA Cup. ManUre plays Man City in the even less important League Cup today. And AC Milan and Napoli are officially mediocre.

A playoff contender rises from the ashes.

I’ve been remiss in reporting hockey scores lately what with all the other big goings-on. Last night’s winners were Edmonton, Winnipeg, NYI, and Columbus.  And at approximately the midway point of the season, your division leaders are Boston (who is struggling at the moment), Washington (who isn’t), St Louis (who is surging), and Vegas (also playing well). Oh, and Phoenix looks like they’re on their way to the playoffs.

OK, not a ton going on in the sports world, so let’s go ahead and dive into…the links!

Aaaaaand, of course they’re blaming the Jews as well.

Donald Trump causes the death of 32 innocent people. Or at least that’s the way I expect this to be spun today on twitter. And lest we forget (yes, I know this is about a year old) this is the regime the left is bending over backward to support.

I always had a theory that this was nothing but a front for laundering drug money. (Same goes for Mattress Firm.) But I guess they actually employed real people after all…although I don’t know a single person that’s spent any money in one of them for at least 20 years.

I’ve heard of the legal term “double jeopardy”. But sextuple jeopardy?!?! And don’t prosecutors and defense attorneys alike have some discretion in striking potential jurors without having to give a reason? Curious how this has unfolded the first six times as Mississippi apparently goes for trial number 7.

Trust me, Chicago politicians, there’s no shortage of pot in your city. You’re just gonna lose out on the tax revenue of what’s being sold because the system you imposed is idiotic.

This guy is definitely not opting for the Impossible Pork.

I don’t even know how to make a clever headline for this one. I’ll tease it by letting you know it’s about Kevin Bacon. And cannibalism.

I hope to hell that this “mistake” is repeated in the near future. But for real.

The other white (non-)meat has arrived. Enjoy it, I guess. I’m gonna go cook some sausage and eggs this morning instead.

Here you go. Enjoy (nothing but) a great song.

Now go have a wonderful day. I know I will…the girls go back to school today and with my and Banjos’s productivity will increase dramatically.