Sorry, not sad.

Well the CFP final went about as I’d expected. Although I do have to say I was pleasantly surprised that there was a targeting call on an important player and a touchdown got called back on a bad call.  See you next year in Miami, Clemson (I hope).

This. Still. Happened.

The 2017 Work Champion Houston Astros are still the 2017 World Champion Houston Astros regardless of what anybody says. And Barcelona unceremoniously fired their manager…whuch should have surprised nobody. And your hockey winners last night were Montreal, NYR, Philly, St Louis and Washington. And not much else happened at all in the world of sports.

Ladies (Still) Love Cool J

Roman general Marc Antony was born on this day. As were limey bastard Benedict Arnold, actress Faye Dunaway, music legend T-bone Burnett, idiot Maureen Dowd, Madness’s Chas Smash, quality director Steven Soderbergh, Ole Miss’s Shep Smith, Ladies Love Cool J, actor and “activist” Jason Bateman, and football legend Byron Leftwich.

Now it’s time for…the links!

He must have had his money on Clemson.

Hey, this guy sounds like he could join the Dem presidential field. He also has a very short memory.  If he doesn’t run, expect him to get a CNN panel slot soon.

Well then…bye. The queen is all but over this shit, would be my guess.  But at least it pulled attention away from the royals that palled around with noted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein for a while.

Yeah, “reluctantly”. Sure. Hey, I’ve got a good idea: why not, you know, negotiate the next contract so these settlements aren’t on the backs of the taxpayers?

I guess the new logo is dead as well.

Subaru gives in to the rage mob rather than stand its ground. Well, FUCK!

Here’s a unique way to find a wife. I wonder if part of the deal is to become part of the 8-mile high club?

This is climate change. No, seriously.  This will have more of an impact than all the emissions mankind puts out for months. But that won’t sell socialism, so those climateers won’t glom onto it.

Here you go. Hope you enjoy.

Now have a great day, friends!