So, I went to the gym a little late this morning because my wife wasn’t awake at my usual time of 6:30am to watch the kids, it was her day off to sleep in. And there were all these, these people in the gym. I wonder, is it like that every 10am, or did the Resolution Fairy sprinkle people in my gym to bother and annoy me. Also, my first nap of 2020 was epic. 100 minutes of dead-to-the-world sleep. And now if Alabama would lose, all would be excellent.

Florida Man shot (by himself or his buddy) celebrating New Years.

I did not realize there is an Order of Chinggis Khaan (Genghis Khan) in Mongolia. New life goal, unlocked.

I’ve heard that Amazon Women were actually the first on the Moon.

If you ever wanted to read the Talmud, I hear they’re starting over again soon. I think that’s a cool tradition.


Lets do some throwback rock.