There is nothing new under the sun [1].  I’m sure that every possible Christian heresy has been discovered, cataloged, and meticulously preserved in some forgotten Vatican sub-basement filing room somewhere.  Having said that, I’ve never been able to find out the name of the one that I “invented” in any online research [2].  Honestly, an awful lot of the more famous ones are kind of boring and silly, reducing down to “everyone do this thing I like because Jesus and all sins are forgiven.”  To me, a good heresy should occur when you take an established piece of doctrine, then logically [3] extend it out from there.  Just adopting orthodoxy and deleting out the bits you don’t like smacks of lazy cafeteria-churchism to me.

So the basis of “Incarnationism”[4] is:

-God is One

-Christ is fully God and fully Man

-We should be like Christ and completely embrace both our Divine and animal natures.

Therefore we should develop our souls through prayer, contemplation, study, good works, and encouragement of these same traits in others.  We should develop our bodies through lifting, running, throwing, fighting, fucking, eating and sleeping.  The arts can develop both aspects of ourselves.  Denying those things that bring us physical or spiritual joy is to deny the plan that God has for our lives.

What heresies would you propose?



[1]  Mark Twain, A Man for All Seasons

[2] I absolutely suck at online research

[3] Or at least make your logical leaps overlookable.

[4] I’m not sold on the name.  I considered “Christian Hedonism,” but that seemed to be ignoring the spiritual development that I was going for.