Greetings!  Brett is still out in the boondocks closing out his deal to expand his empire to incorporate the hillbilly meth market.  Quite a lucrative market to get in, to be honest.  Lets hope it works out for him.


El Menchito, the heir apparent to a Mexican drug lord was extradited to the US on weapons trafficking charges.

Finally!  The media gets their armed protest gone wrong…in Haiti.  Too bad it was cops and soldiers protesting.

You can’t like, own like, the beach, man.  *bong rip*

Ricky Martin:  “Please, protest the Chilean government in an orderly manner.”

You have a hell of a hole to dig yourself out of, believe me, I know holes.

Interesting take on the Brazilian economy.

The main consensus among market analysts – and also people in Mr Bolsonaro’s government – is that the country started spending too much money around 2013, during the leftist government of Dilma Rousseff.

Since then, one of the main thermometers of Brazil’s economy has been the fiscal deficit – the amount of money spent beyond the country’s revenues.  Ms Rousseff was impeached amid allegations that she masked Brazil’s fiscal deficit to hide how much her government was overspending.  Since her downfall, all efforts from the government have gone into lowering this fiscal deficit.

Some economists say the main culprit is the pension system, with Brazilians retiring too early (some in their early 50s) and with too many benefits (especially amongst civil servants).

Mr Bolsonaro is proposing pension cuts and a minimal retirement age of 65 for men and 62 for women.  During the boom years, Brazil had a debt which was 51% the size of its economy. The growing fiscal deficit raised the debt level to 77.1%. The government says that if nothing is done, the country’s debt will be the size of its entire economy by 2023.


Well, this is a travesty.

Hernandez’s parents say their son and the others were playing a game: crossing the border, touching a fence and then running back to Mexican soil. They accused Jesus Mesa Jr., the Border Patrol agent, of arriving on the scene and fatally shooting their son while Mesa was standing on US soil.
They wanted to sue Mesa for violating the Fourth and Fifth Amendment. According to the government, Mesa resorted to force only after Hernandez refused to follow commands to stop throwing rocks.
Because shooting a kid throwing rocks is an effective and appropriate response.
No, NBC.  A Mexican gun buyback will not solve their problems.
Here’s some tunes; I find it most appropriate