Miracle. On ice.

I tuned in to a hockey game last night. Well, just enough of one to watch the Red Wings try and implode. Shockingly, they won in a shootout. The other NHL winners last night were Montreal, Tampa, Vegas, NYI, NJ, Colorado, Winnipeg, the MINNESOOOOODA WIIIIILD, Nashville, Carolina, And San Jose.

That Mookie to LA trade isn’t a done deal just yet. Not sure what’s happening in the NBA because I don’t really care. And across the pond, both Real Madrid and Barcelona were bounced from the Copa del Rey on the same day. In the quarterfinals, no less.  It’s the first time in 10 years that neither of them were in the semifinals.The EPL is in the midst of their winter break, which means some of the teams will play this weekend and some next weekend. Yeah, because that makes a lot of sense.

Overpriced, but still good stuff.

English novelist Charles Dickens was born on this day. He shares it with legendary manufacturer John Deere, hurled Dan Quisenberry, (new) country singer Garth Brooks, acting legend James Spader, cross-dressing comedian Eddie Izzard, stand-up genius Chris Rock, Canadian basketball god Steve Nash, former Demi Moore boy-toy Ashton Kutcher, and new wave musician Steve Bronski.

That list is subpar. So we’re moving on to…the links!

Fact check: Mixture

Trump goes off-script in post-acquittal press conference. And the mainstream media goes berserk.  I know, I know. Neither of those sentences are surprising. But man, that was some fun stuff watching them pull their hair out. Hell, one of them even resorted to a “fact check” that was 100% wrong.

Adios, you piece of shit. I don’t understand how it took 17 years to get there, since he admitted to doing what he did.

This is what I can “a good start”. Now, can we get to the feds selling off a shitload more land it “owns” across the west? Because the government shouldn’t own a literal majority of the land in a dozen states.

What could possibly go wrong? Well, a lot, to be honest.  But the government shouldn’t be in the business of setting these rules in the first place. So I’ve got no problem with it. Also, that thing is ugly.

Don’t worry. He’ll make bail (or just walk free) by lunchtime. And back on the job without missing a shift. He’s a NYPD cop, after all. Part of “the seventh largest army in the world”, according to one Dem presidential candidate.

Put on the hat, Liz.

The Warren campaign is a fucking shitshow. That’s all.

The Weinstein trial gets weirder every day. This should surprise exactly nobody. It’s Hollywood, after all.

Going slow with the end of the week song. What a weird video.

Well, that’s it. Have a great weekend, friends!