This was a mediocre week for me.  I did get back to it and started the week with a “get some” attitude.  I went full Goggins Monday and Tuesday.  In addition to my regular workouts I got in 10 minutes of ab each day and extra conditioning.  Wednesday, I left court and headed for the airport to fly up to San Jose for a mediation the next day.  That’s where my week went off course.  Ah well, tomorrow is a new day and I’ll be back at it.

Having been away from it for four weeks, I was reminded on Tuesday just how inflexible I was.  Back in my running days, I was a consistent stretcher.  Nowadays, not so much.  That’s about to change.

If you don’t have it, go pick up a copy of Stretching by Bob Anderson.  I think I bought this book about 30 years ago.  It’s terrific.  Anderson shows you how to stretch every part of your body.  Everything is diagrammed.  It’s very easy to put together your series of stretches or routines.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I had noticed in the past, including with lifting, that when I regularly stretched, my performance improved.  I’m certainly not making the claim stretching makes you stronger.  But I will say that whether it was generating power for lifts or pushing myself with conditioning, doing regular stretching seemed to help.  I’ll leave it to you to pick this apart in the comments or maybe cite a scientific showing this is so.  You do you.



A special shout out to Nephilium.  I saw your comment during the week about how much weight you’ve lost riding and how close you are to your goal weight.  Ride on Neph.  For those of you wondering how Nephilium has stayed so dedicated, here’s the contact information for his instructor.  Glibbroads (h/t Gender Traitor) can google Lance Armstrong pics or whatever floats your boat.

Here’s some motivation for the rest of you.  Oddly, Winston’s Mom sent me some photos.  Go figure.

Some music to get you going.  MikeS if this doesn’t get your NoDak ass in gear then I don’t know what will.  Put down your accounting books and go for a ride.

Finally, last week’s GlibFit garnered a measly 135 comments.  The Sunday night open post got more traffic.  Let’s put a little effort in this week.  I’ll be at kid 2’s volleyball game when this posts but I’ll do my best to check in from time to time.