Three years ago today, on Sunday, February 12, 2017, burst upon the interweb blog-thingy publishing scene, and here we are today three years later and still going strong. We made a good start on day one with eight posts, all essays and fiction. Starting on day two, we have had daily morning links posts seven days a week, well over one thousand posts in that category alone. Also starting on day two we have published afternoon links every single weekday, plus managed to have at least a midday post every weekday. We have always managed to have some sort of evening post Saturday and Sunday evenings.

All the posts here are the contributions of your fellow Glibs. Stalwart linksters Sloopy, Brett, Mexi, Banjos, Swiss, and OMWC have worked hard to ensure you have a framework and pretext to hang out with your fellow miscreants each morning, and on weekday afternoons. The morning and afternoon links are our lifeblood. We are a tribe with traditions and one of those is the ritual of the link.

We have missed publishing links exactly once, the morning links of Jan 16, 2020. Let’s just say that little problem has been dealt with.

In addition to the links, your fellow Glibs have also provided you with over a thousand other posts of essays, fiction, reminiscences, histories, cartoons, firearms history, polemics, photo essays on hobbies, fitness advice and encouragement, recipes, and personal struggles. Whether you have contributed a single post, or many, we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

No mention of Glibs would be complete without Sugar Free, whose contributions both purify and putrefy, and who has defined a new sub-genre of smut.

We have also published a detailed exposé of government malfeasance which deserves a far wider audience than it has received here, and which it hopefully will.

Often out of mind, but always present, SP designs and manages this website – everything from the look and feel of the site as a whole to the scheduling, illustrating and formatting of articles. She is assisted in this by a small irregular force of editors who help make the posts here look purty.

Then there is you, dear commenter. You who are the community for which this site exists. You whose snark, puns, wit, bile, spleen and links enrich us all. Particular thanks to those who do regular in-thread featurettes such as Social Justice Wednesdays, Spot the Not, and the much beloved links to buxom babes wearing boob hammocks. While we did not officially celebrate our first or second Gliberversaries, we did mark the millionth comment posted here, a testimony to you all.

We also appreciate our lurkers, even you boys and girls at Fort Meade. Because every time we make you spew coffee all over your TEMPEST-compliant monitor and keyboard an orphan gets a crust of bread.

Glibs is entirely a volunteer operation. Nobody draws a salary, nobody gets compensated in any way. Donations go to domain registry and website hosting; the only actual expenses we have. Each year, the funds remaining after expenses are paid are donated to two liberty-oriented civil rights litigation groups – the FIRE, and the Institute for Justice. The good works of these groups is often noted in our posts and comments.

So thank you, everyone, for making this place what it is.


Swiss Servator adds…  Our First Anniversary, the Second.  And a shout out to our Cryptid contributors (when they aren’t revolting or throwing me across the room).