In honor of our Eurovisitor, we have stepped up our cheese game. And found ourselves explaining some of the more outre aspects of American politics. I think he’s still a few steps away from being able to withstand exposure to SugarFree. But we did manage to down a few Irish whiskeys last night while sitting in my lab, playing some odd assortments of music. I suspect, though, that anything involving us would be classified as “odd.” And I’ll confess to us getting into a deep discussion about stochastic processes and how they relate to measurement theory. Geeks. We’re up at the crack of dawn today (and Dawn hasn’t protested, so I claim consensuality) to hike up some mountainsides during what is sadly likely to be our last cool weather before Hell again descends on Arizona.

Speaking of geeks, more than a few of them were born today, including a guy whose spirit always gives me a lift; a guy who knew what Atlanta was good for; a guy who was on his period; my favorite economist; and an actor whose career was too short.

Enough lollygagging, let’s hop off Dawn and get to the news.


Team Blue’s clown car rolls on.


And some reality is beginning to take hold.


The massacre continues.


He seems nice. CNN, of course, has to CNN and try to justify him by saying, “Well, he’s not wrong…”


Fortunately, SP and I have a live-in Dutch Pronunciation Guide.


Buried in the morass of derangement, there’s a few nuggets of actual insight.


Wait, I though jerking off did this?


Old Guy Music continues a Euro theme. It’s a terrific song, great swing and feel to it, and if you understand the lyrics, they’re pretty powerful in a lesbian sort of way.