Ahhh, Hippie Golf, it started out with Wham-o Frisbee discs at parks, hit that tree, that pole etc. After some Politics that passes for history, the first course was born, Oak Grove in Pasadena, California,

Disc golf targets are often located most inconveniently.

While I played a bit when I was younger, it’s nothing like today, so let’s go there instead. When I went to take Bella to the dog park I saw a basket and, thought hmmmm. So I ordered a starter set, three discs, driver, midrange, and putter, a good start, and then went to the course….First shot, Parking Lot! Oh Shit! but I didn’t break anything so, all good. Then I met Ken from Kingman, he gave me some tips, and played my first eighteen with me, very cool of him. That’s when I also realized all my discs were too light, I thought so, but he helped me confirm it.

Discs. These aren’t floaty, recreational Frisbees (approx. 9.25″ diameter, weight 110 grams). Golf discs are right at 8” diameter, weighing between 150-180 grams, with most of the weight on the edge, making them very fast, and very dangerous, like this driver.


Driver disc underside. The digits in the center are the disc weight as measured by the manufacturer, 168g in this case.


Putter disc. This has rounded edges like a recreational Frisbee.


Notice the difference in the leading edge. Like a rotary-winged aircraft, the spin induces the lift. Putter is pink disc, driver is green disc.


Disc golf follows the rules of ball golf to as close a degree as possible in scoring, out-of-bounds, honors, etiquette, I like that part.

OTOH, pickup games can have any rules you want to play by, and conditions can change a course completely, but unlike ball golf, we can cut through the wind, maybe, so if you Ball Golf, Disc is an easy, physically less demanding game.

The shots, I have it easy, look right,


Tunnel shot. The block and concrete pad is the tee box. The throwing lane is between the trees.


Water hazard. Most people just take the one-stroke penalty and sacrifice the plastic.


My best tight shot, a par save from 50+ feet.



The sport is growing, the tech is improving, and it’s free! As far as, most courses are in public parks, however, some ball golf courses have installed disc courses, $15 with a cart, kind of cool IMO.

Until Next Time,

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